To the Kawaguchi electric works Ltd. in case of the thunder harm product (security machine, arrester, and SPD)

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Management Policy

  1. It is good staff are employed at this company.
  2. It is good customers buy the product of this company (ISO9001 quality policy)
  3. It is good the client deals with this company.
  4. It is good regional people have this company (ISO14001 environment policy)

Policy on Behavior

  1. Do not make excuses or justify oneself
  2. Value is in results
  3. Have your own ideas (concepts)
  4. Put your words into action

Management Guidelines on Becoming an Executive

  1. Have courage and report the truth.
  2. Optimize human resources.
  3. Do not take holidays until productivity has increased and incomes and bonuses are considerably greater than large corporations.
  4. Practice speaking for easy understanding in few words; fancy words are not necessary.
  5. Have courage and develop empathic understanding.
  6. True kindness is helping somebody not to fail. You have to be cruel to be kind.
  7. Contemporary society requires speed.
  8. Communicate closely with superiors, subordinates, and colleagues. In particular, all employees should try hard so that the instructions of superiors reach the rank and file. The following two points should be given special attention at this time.
    1. (1)What is not understood is due to one's own poor communication method whereby he/she appeals for understanding.
    2. (2)Inform all related persons.
    1. (1)The words, "I don't understand" are unacceptable so are taboo. Ask questions if you do not understand.
    2. (2)Not saying a word during a meeting is unacceptable. Practice saying something. Anybody who simply cannot come up with anything should consult with a superior or colleague at the outset to create an opportunity to say something.
  9. Speak responsibly and do not give vague responses. Or, give speedy and prudent answers.
  10. In order to do a better job, it is important to borrow the wisdom of various people.
  11. Determine policies and transfer authority.