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Communications Equipment


40A-ARR Protector

"ISO9001 and NQAS approved"

The protector module is attached to the vertical frame (inside the exchange office) of the subscriber wiring (5-AMDF). A U-slit terminal is adopted to facilitate jumper wiring work and protect the switchboard from a lightning surge or overcurrent entering through subscriber lines.

40A-ARR Protector

  1. Used for both analog and digital circuits.
  2. One protector module can house 128 circuits, and a maximum of 12 modules can be installed in one row of MDF.
  3. The jumper terminal is located at the front, and a U-slit terminal system is adopted to permit the installation of multiple jumpers. Jumpers can be attached by pushing, and their removal is also easy.
  4. A connector is adopted for connection of the subscriber circuit housing frame (LCF) and cables.
  5. One test spring with a hits preventive function is mounted.
  1. Composed of 16 submodules that have 8 circuits, respectively, permitting the replacement of each submodule.
  2. Every four units of submodules are colored differently to clearly indicate the applicable subscriber circuit housing frame (LCF).
  3. Jumpers are passed through the individual line passage hole for each circuit.
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