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Communications Equipment


60A/B-ARR Protector

"ISO9001 and NQAS approved"

The protector module is developed for effective connection to an automatic MDF. It is mounted on the rising side (H side) of the subscriber distributing frame for use as a line termination protector module. The No. 128 test spring is used, as well, on the station side (V side).

  1. One protector module can accommodate 100 circuits.
  2. A PAT connector is used to house line cables. Connectors are also used for connection to an automatic MDF to facilitate connection work.
  3. An optional U-slit terminal can also be attached for easier switching.
60A/B-ARR Protector
Structure and system configuration
The system is composed of 10 submodules that have 10 circuits each. Replacement of individual submodules is possible.
60A/B-ARR Protector
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