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Communications Equipment


KD10 Protector Module

Arrester module

KD10AM-[ ]
The thyristor in this module ensures stable suppressed voltage characteristics and low capacitance, permitting the module to be used for high-speed digital circuits. The arrester module is mounted on a test spring module to protect the former from a lightning surge or overcurrent.

Max. non-operation voltage Standard price
1)KD 10 AM-A (120V) 1,880yen/unit
Standard product
2)KD 10 AM-H (135V) 1,980yen/unit
Made-to-order product
3)KD 10 AM-P (190V) 1,980yen/unit
Made-to-order product

(Min. lot: 50 units)

KD10 Test Spring
Standard price: 15,490yen

KD10 Protector Module
[ ] With arrester module
Example of mounting
KD10 Protector Module

Used as a protector

A test spring equipped with an arrester module functions as a protector. In the photo on the left, modules for nine circuits are mounted.

Lightning guard system for communication High performance,
   high reliability, satisfactory results

  • One vertical of a P2MDF can house terminal blocks for 900 circuits. The test spring and arrester can house 450 circuits.
  • Designed compact, measuring 59 mm in depth (107.9 mm when an arrester is mounted), 120 mm in width, and 179 mm in height.
  • A U-slit terminal is used for wiring to facilitate work and improve efficiency.
  • A temperature variable resistor (self-restoring type PTC) is adopted as a current control element for maintenance-free operation.
  • A semiconductor surge protection element is used for the arrester module. Three arresters with different electric characteristics are available.