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Communications Equipment


Protector Board KD-8000 Series for Communication

"ISO9001 and NQAS approved"

The protector board KD-8000 for communication is installed at the service entrance for external lines of general communication switchboards, electronic switchboards, and digital switchboards such as PBX and PAPX for exchange offices in order to protect those units from the impact voltage due to a lightning surge and induced voltage or from continuous overcurrent.

  1. The unit is miniaturized by the latest technology, permitting the vertical of an MDF to house many circuits in order to save installation space.
  2. The plug-in system for each circuit is adopted for easy maintenance. Protector modules and terminals can be connected from the front.
  3. When the protector module is inserted halfway, only the exchange office side can be disconnected, permitting easy route-clear tests.
  4. The protector module has a built-in fuse. When the fuse melts (internal and external line sides), an alarm signal is given simultaneously, permitting visual confirmation of fuse melting.
Protector Board KD-8000 Series for Communication
The protector board is composed of a panel and a plug-in module. The wrapping method is adopted for both external line and switchboard. The diameter of the conductor of the cable is 0.4-0.65 mm.


◆Models for 1, 10, 50, and 100 circuits are available.

■Panel dimensions and standard price
Kind 100 circuits 50 circuits 10 circuits 1 circuit(A)
Code KD-8000P KD-8050 KD-8010P KD-8001P-A
Height (H) 508mm 254mm 98mm 31mm
Mounting dimensions (h) 381mm 127mm 89mm 42mm
Depth 87mm 87mm 83mm 80.6mm
Weight Approx. 4 kg Approx. 2 kg -  -
Standard price 54,000 yen 27,800 yen 9,400 yen 2,300 yen

★The depth includes the inserted module. The weight includes the module and mounting bracket.

Product name Built-in protection element Specifications and features Standard price
Fuse Resistance Varistor Gas arrester
Gas arrester
3-pole ceramic
Choke coil
KD-8015M(240) Standard product,
discharge voltage: 240 V
1,600 yen
KD-8015M(360) Standard product,
discharge voltage: 360 V
1,700 yen
KD-8110D SSPD Circuit resistance: 17Ω, correspond to ISDN and ADSL   3,150 yen
KD-8111D SSPD Circuit resistance: 2Ω, correspond to ISDN and ADSL 3,150 yen
KD-8022M Power line of 24 V, data line 3,400 yen
KD-8023M Power line of 48 V or less, data line 3,400 yen

Electric characteristics

Electric characteristics
   Withstand voltage between terminals 1000 VAC or more
   Insulation resistance between terminals 100 MΩ or more (at 500 V)
   Max. rating
   Surge waveform 1 ~ 100 x 10 ~ 1000 µs
   Voltage peak value 10 kV max.
   Current peak value 1 kA max. (8 x 20µs)
  Surge impedance 100Ω TYP

Module output characteristics (Example)

Item KD-8015M(240) KD-8023M Condition
Discharge voltage 240V MAX 130V MAX 10 x 1000μs 3kV
Max. non-operation voltage ±135V MAX ±60V MAX  
Overcurrent protection 0.5 sec MAX - DC640mA
Rated current 320mA 1A -
DC resistance 12Ω±5% 0.2Ω MAX Only one line between external and internal lines


Test lead-in cord
with #211 plug and module with KD8030M jack 11.1 mm wide between center and center

Standard price: 16,000 yen

with #247TA plug and module with KD8030M jack
15.9 mm wide

Standard price: 16,000 yen
Inserted into a jack with a module to be used for tests on the external line and switchboard sides.
Module puller [KDT-81]
Used to pull the module out of the panel.

Standard price: 1,050 yen
Module puller [KDT-81]
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