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Communications Equipment


KDƒ¿ System Arrester

"ISO9001, ISO14000, and NQAS approved"

A protector that protects various types of communications equipment from impact voltage (lightning surge and induced voltage) and continuous overcurrent. A terminal unit for a switchboard, PBX, digital switchboard, data communications system, and communications equipment in an exchange office.

Standard price: 97,150 yen

Color (submodule): Silky white

KDƒ¿ System Arrester



Improvement of workability
  1. Direct attachment to P2-MDF and VB vertical
  2. Adoption of a U-slit terminal for efficient work
  3. Installation is possible in a terminal box and a cabinet, as well as on a wooden plate and wall or a 19-inch rack.


  1. A high-performance 3-terminal thyristor is adopted for the voltage restraint element.
  2. The self-restoring type PTC Polyswitch used as a current limiting element allows maintenance-free operation.
  3. A gold-plated twin contact test spring is used for the dividing mechanism to improve reliability.

Arrester submodule

  • One arrester submodule houses 8 circuits.
  • One arrester panel houses a maximum of 64 circuits.
  • One VB vertical of P2-MDF can house a maximum of 576 circuits (9 arrester panels).

Electric characteristics

1) Maximum electric rating

Input surge voltage 10 kV (Surge waveform 10 x 1000ƒÊS)
Surge current 100 A (Current waveform 10 x 1000ƒÊS)
Signal current 120mA

2) Conditions for operating environment

conditions during storage
-20 to +70oC, 95%RH or less
Temperature/humidity conditions during operation 0 to +40oC, 20-80%RH or

3) U-slit specifications

Line diameter (both jumper and cable sides)
ƒ³0.4 - ƒ³0.65 mm
Sheath dia.: ƒ³0.9 - ƒ³1.4 mm
Number of repeated operations 100 times or more
30 times for ƒ³0.65 mm
Connection resistance 30mĦ or less

4) Specifications for TS

Connection resistance 30mĦ or less

5) Insertion loss @ @@@0.2 dB or less


6) Voltage characteristics

characteristics code
Suppressed voltage Max. non-operation voltage Holding current
A 190 V or less, 10/1000ƒÊ S, 5 kV 120VDC 140 mA or more
B* 190 V or less, 10/1000ƒÊ S, 5 kV 120VDC 270 mA or more
P* 330 V or less, 10/1000ƒÊ S, 5 kV 190VDC 140 mA or more
H* 190 V or less, 10/1000ƒÊ S, 5 kV 135VDC 140 mA or more
*Order production
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