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Communications Equipment


Lightning Arrester Terminal Block for User's Building(UB64ARR)

Developed by NTT East Japan Technical Cooperation Center

Lightning arrester terminal block for communications equipment installed in the user's building

Electric characteristics

Input surge
15 kV
(Waveform 10 x 1000 μs)
Surge current 150 A
(Waveform 10 x 1000 μs)
Capacitance 250pF (max.)
Lightning Arrester Terminal Block for User's Building
Lightning Arrester Terminal Block for User's Building
  1. A PNPN element with operating voltage (165-195 V)*1 conforming to the international standard IEC950 has been newly developed. The product can prevent lightning damage to SLIC (EC-G4722) of the RT installed in the user's building, the subscriber card of RSBM (U), and the subscriber package of LD-SLT.
  2. The temperature variable resistor (PTC) is effective in preventing the I-OCU and B-OCU fuse from being blown out by lightning.
  3. The product is compact enough to be installed in the BOX and MDF in the user's building, measuring 124 mm in width, 179 mm in height, and 79 mm in depth. (The depth of No.40 ARR is 150 mm.) 64 communication lines can be housed.
  4. A U-slit is used for connection with communication cables (core dia.: Φ0.4-0.65). UB64ARR can easily be connected by the UCT-A tool used for No.40 ARR, etc.

  5. *1 IEC950 demands that the operating voltage of a communication line lightning arrester element should be more than 160 V for 100 VAC equipment.