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Communications Equipment

Protectors for Communication

通信用保安器盤 KD-8000 シリーズ

Protector Board KD-8000 Series for Communication

nstalled at the external line service entrance of various switchboards to protect them from impact voltage due to lightning surge and induction voltage, as well as from continuous overcurrent.

KDα System Arrester

KDα System Arrester

Protects various types of communication equipment from impact voltage (lightning surge and induction voltage) and continuous overcurrent.


KD10 Protector Module

A test spring equipped with an arrester module is a protector.


40A-ARR Protector

Attached to the vertical frame (inside the exchange office) for subscriber cable wiring. A U-slit terminal is adopted. Protects the switchboard from lightning surge, etc. that enter through subscriber lines.


60A/B-ARR Protector

Effective connection with automatic MDF. Installed on the line rising side (H side) of the subscriber distribution panel and used as a line termination protector module.


Lightning Arrester Terminal Block for User's Building (UB64ARR)

Prevents the subscriber card of SLIC (EC-G4722) and RSBM (U) of RT installed in user's building, as well as LD-SLT subscriber package, from failing due to lightning.


KA110 Arrester Module  

Removes lightning surge and abnormal voltage from the 110 spring! Protects communications equipment and control equipment from impact voltage (lightning surge and induction voltage) induced in communication circuits, as well as AC short and other continuous overcurrent.