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Electrostatic Paper Analyzer EPA8300A

Measurement mode

Static method:
This is an effective method to measure the light decay characteristics (luminosity sensitivity) of a photoconductor. A specimen placed on a rotating disc is once charged at the preset speed of rotation to measure the electric potential. Dark decay and light decay measurement is possible while the specimen is at rest on the induction electrode.

Dynamic method:
This method is effective in measuring the built-up characteristics of the electric potential of charge. The charge, dark decay, and light decay of a specimen can be measured while the specimen is rotating at 1100 rpm.

Easier data processing by corresponding to WindowsR XP.


Measuring range 1000V 2000V/FS
Precision: less than 1% or 1digit
Speed of response
(10-90% value) Static method: 50 μsec
Dynamic method: 50 msec
Calibration potential ±500V
Induction electrode I.T.O grass electrode
Sample section Dimensions of sample: 62 x 52mm square
Thicness of sample: less than 1mm
Measuring area: 2type/44mm x 44mm sqare or Φ 20mm
DC charging power supply
Constant voltage method : 0 to ±9 kV
Constant current method : 0 to ±100 μA
(Feedback method)
0 to±200μA
(Total current method)
Charging unit: Tungsten wire (gold plated), 60 μm thick, 2-wire type (corotron and scorotron)
Scorotron power supply Output voltage: 0 to ±1500V, MAX 1.5 mA
Timer Pre-exposure, DC charging, dark decay, light decay and pause: 0 -999.9sec
Repetition counter 1 - 9999 times
Exposure section
Exposure light source: Halogen lamp 100W 2856°K
Illumination control: 0.5-200lux
Disc ND filter (Quartz glass type)
Interference filter: 50 x 50 mm
with cartridge for filters (4set) and optical power meter
Pre exposure light source: Halogen lamp 100W
Illumination control: 100-2500lux
Voltage variable
Illumination meter Measurement of sample exposure: 20, 200 and 2000lux
Control Personal Computer(Windows XP)
Cabinet rack type Main unit: 770(H) x 541(W) x 823(D)mm
Measuring section:400(H) x 480(W) x 500(D)mm
Light source:130(H) x 110(W) x 360(D)mm
Power 100VAC ± 10%, 50/60Hz, less than 2KVA
Operating environment Temperature: 5-40°C; humidity: 30-70%

  • Thermostatic oven type
  • Laser light source

Example of use → Outline of EPA-8300 system

*The product specifications are subject to change for improvement.