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Universal Electrometer(MMA II-17B)

Universal Electrometer(MMA II-17B)

This is a high-sensitivity vibrating reed universal electrometer designed for multipurpose use. The measuring head is connected by the main unit cable and is shaped for easy installation anywhere.

In addition, the remote control unit on the main unit side is easy to handle, permitting all sorts of operations such as input resistance/input capacity changeover of the measuring head and short-/open-circuiting of the input circuit.

This multipurpose super high-performance measuring instrument permits the following measurement:

  1. Fine current and super high resistance
  2. Photoelectric current/dark current due to fine beams of light
  3. Forward/backward current and voltage characteristics of semiconductors
  4. Electric potential in the fields of medical science, biology, and natural science
  5. Surface resistance of high polymer materials, semiconductors, and insulation substances
  6. High insulation resistance in capacitor leakage tests, etc.
  7. Very small straight capacity and other fine electrostatic capacity

Accessories will permit the following measurement:

  1. Quantity of electricity of powder and small chips (Faraday cage used together)
  2. Insulation resistance and electrostatic dielectric constant of liquid (liquid electrode used together)

  • Installation of this remote-controlled unit permits range changeover and short-/open-circuiting of the input circuit on the main unit side without approaching the signal source.
  • The fine current measuring range of this high-sensitivity meter is wide, ranging from 10-15 A to 10-6A. The response time in the high-sensitivity range can be adjusted within the range of 2 sec to 1 min.
  • The wide resistance measuring range of 1017-106 permits direct reading of insulation resistance.
  • The input impedance of this electrometer is as high as 1015, not affecting the measurement circuit.
  • Use of a Faraday cage in combination permits direct reading of an electric charge of 10-12 to 10-8 coulomb.
  • Direct reading of an electrostatic capacity of 0.01pF-0.01F. Use of appropriate electrodes permits the measurement of the electrostatic dielectric constant of a sample.


1. Measurement of DC potential

PjMeasuring range: 0.001, 0.003, 0.01, 0.03, 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, and 10 (V/f.s 9 ranges)
Qj Input impedance/capacity: 1015 or more, approx. 15 pF
RjInaccuracy: Within 1%
SjResponse time: 0.001-0.01 V range (f.s 90%) / Within 2 sec Other ranges / Within 0.5 sec
TjMeter noise : Within }45V
UjZero drift: Within 500 V/24 h
(Temperature change of within 5C one hour after warm-up)

Q.Measurement of fine DC current

Range A/f.s Range resistance Response time (90%) Inaccuracy
1x10-7-3x10-6 4 ranges 1x106 Within 0.5 sec }2%
1x109-3x10-8 4 ranges 1x108 Within 0.5 sec }2%
1x10-11-3x10-10 4 ranges 1~1010 Within 0.5 sec }2%
1x10-12-3x10-12 2 ranges 1~1012 Adjustable range: 2-10 sec }5
1x10-15-3x10-13 4 ranges 1~1012 Adjustable range: 6 sec-approx. 1 min }5
During meter noise input short circuit : @ Within }1.5x10-17A
For 1012 : Within }1x10-16A(when the response time is 6 sec)

R.Measurement of resistance

Range /f.s
Range resistance
10 8-109 2 ranges 1~10 6 }5
1010-1011 2ranges 1~10 8 }5
1012-1013 2ranges 1~1010 }5
1014-1017 3ranges 1~1012 }5

Applied voltage: 1 V, 10 V, and 100 V built-in. Inaccuracy within }1%. Other specifications conform to the current range.

S.Measurement of electric quantity

Range coulomb/f.s Input capacity Inaccuracy
1x10-14-1x10-10 9ranges 10pF }3
1x10-12-1x10-8 9ranges 1,000pF }3

Meter noise: Within 1 x 10-15 coulomb

T. Measurement of electrostatic capacity

PjMeasuring range (f.s): :0.01pF - 0.01F, applied voltage 1 V, 10 V, and 100 V built-in
Q)Input capacity: F10 pF and 1000 pF
RjInaccuracy F}5%

U. Others

Pj Recorder output:@ F10mVi100j
Qj Power: F100 V } 10%, 50/60 Hz, approx. 8 W
RjDimensions/weight: Main unit 365 (W) x 140 (H) x 285 (D) mm; 5 kg
Head 100 (W) x 150 (H) x 175 (D) mm; 3 kg

Standard price


Example of use

*The product specifications are subject to change for improvement.