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Electrode for liquid: LP-05 Electrode for measurement: P-616 Shield box: P-618 Standard resistance box: HR-06

Electrode for liquid: LP-05


This electrode is used in combination with a universal electrometer to measure the volume resistivity value and electrostatic dielectric constant of a liquid sample. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel is used for the electrode to make it strong. The quantity of a sample to measure can be small. The easy-to-handle electrode permits correct measurement. It is designed to easily measure samples with comparatively high viscosity. Use in combination with a shield box permits elimination of external induction, ensuring stable measurement.


■Volume of sample 2-2.5 ml
■Effective volume 2ml
■Electrode constant 200
■Capacitance 18pF
■Dimensions/weight 51mm(Φ)x48mm(H) 350g

□Example of use
・Example of measurement of specific resistance of liquid crystal
・Example of temperature evaluation measurement of specific resistance of liquid crystal

Standard price 165,000yen

Electrode for measurement: P-616


In combination with a universal electrometer, this electrode can measure the volume and surface resistivity of insulation materials in a sheet form. Conductive rubber specified by JIS (K-6911) is used for the electrode, and voltage is applied to the electrode for excellent contact with a sample to be measured. The heat resistant structure permits temperature characteristics tests with the help of a thermostatic oven. Use in combination with a shield box permits stable, correct measurement of ultra high resistance.

? Electrode dimensions Main electrode Φ50 mm (conductive silicone rubber)
Counter electrode Φ 83mm (conductive silicone rubber)
Ring electrode
I.D. Φ 70mm (conductive silicone rubber)
O.D. Φ 80mm (conductive silicone rubber)
? Operating temperature range 0-150°C
? Thickness of sample: 5mm max.
? Dimensions/weight 140(W) x 130(H) x 100(D)mm 2.1kg

* Metal electrodes (P-616M) are also available. Use metal electrodes when samples are likely to fuse and adhere to conductive rubber (silicone). (Specify clearly in the order.)
* Electrodes for powder are also available.

□Example of use
・Example of measurement of volume resistance and surface resistance of film

Standard price 185,000yen

Shield box: P-618


This shield box is designed to measure the resistance of samples in combination with a super insulation meter by setting the electrode for measurement (P-616) and the electrode for liquid (LP-05) in a case in order to completely shield the external induced voltage. The structure ensures safety during measurement.

This completely shielded box is indispensable for the measurement of high insulation resistance.
When the cover is opened by mistake during measurement, the applied voltage is turned off to prevent electric shock.
Connectors are used for quick connection to an ammeter and insulation meter.
? Operating temperature range 0〜50℃
? Accessories Output cable
50 cm (N-P-58 connectors at both ends)
? Dimensions/weight 240 (W) x 160 (H) x 250 (D) mm
Approx. 3 kg
□ Example of use
・Example of measurement of specific resistance of liquid crystal
・Example of measurement of volume resistance and surface resistance of film

Standard price 200,000yen

Standard resistance box: HR-06


This unit is used for calibration of ultra fine ampere meters and ultra insulation meters. Various models to measure resistance from 1 MΩ to 1 x 10 12 Ω are available.

Resistance Standard price Inaccuracy Temperature coefficient Voltage coefficient
1x10 6 Ω 68,000yen
200ppm/°C or less -0.0005%/V or less
1x10 8 Ω 70,000 yen
200ppm/°C or less -0.0005%/V or less
1x10 10 Ω 75,000 yen
200ppm/°C or less -0.002%/V or less
1x10 12 Ω 110,000 yen
1500ppm/°C or less -0.01%/V or less

Connector: N-P(OUTPUT)
Dimensions/weight: 45(W)x45(H) 120(D)mm 250g

※The product specifications are subject to change for improvement.
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