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High Level Surface Potential Meter S2002A

  • For the paper making industry
  • For the copying machine industry
  • For the chemical industry
  • For the semiconductor industry
高精度表面電位計 S2002A
  • Non-contact measurement of surface potentiaOutput voltagel (0 to ±1999 V)
  • Built-in acceptance judgment function. The upper and lower limits can be set for acceptance judgment.
  • A measuring distance compensation function is provided. The sensitivity will hardly change even if the distance between the probe and a sample changes.
  • The probe has been miniaturized, measuring 7.3 (W) x 10 (H) x 85 (D) mm.
Measuring range 0〜±1999V
Measuring accuracy ±0.5%、±1 digit 対試料間距離1〜3mm
Output voltage Output of 1/100 of measuring voltage
Response time Within 10 msec max. (10-90%)
Resolution Approx. 5 mmΦ when the probe-sample distance is 1 mm
Probe Side opening type (SIDE VIEW): S type
Tip opening type (TOP VIEW): T type
Acceptance judgment function Setting range: The upper and lower limits can be set within the range of +1999 to -1999.
Power 100VAC ±10%; 50/60Hz; 11 W
Dimensions/weight 235(W)x98(H)x473(D)mm 4kg

Dimensional drawing of probe

Specify the probe type when placing an order.
Suffix -S to the model name for measuring hole on the side and -T for the measuring hole at the tip.
(Example) S2002A-S S2002A-T

Standard price


Example of use

High-precision surface potential meter S2002A Example of measurement of the surface potential of electret microphone board

*The product specifications are subject to change for improvement.