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Measuring Instrument
  Electrostatic Paper Analyzer: EPA8300A
  High Level Surface Potential Meter: S2002A
  Universal Electrometer: MMA II-17B
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Measuring Instruments


Electrostatic Paper Analyzer: EPA-8300A

Ideal for testing and evaluating the electrostatic charging, dark decay, and light decay of photosensitive materials, as well as the charge attenuation characteristics of new materials, paper, film, etc.

・ Thermostatic oven type
・ Laser light source

Universal Electrometer: MMA II-17B

High-sensitivity vibrating reed universal electrometer. Used for measuring fine current, extra high resistance, electric charge, and electric potential.


High Level Surface Potential Meter: S2002A

・With built-in functions to judge acceptance of measured surface potential
・ Measurement of surface potential without contact (0 to ±1999 V)
・ Distance compensation type surface electrometer
・ Compact probe

Electrode for liquid: LP-05

Used for measuring resistance of liquid.


Electrode for sheets: P-616

Used for measuring the surface resistance and volume resistance of sheets.

通信用保安器盤 KD-8000 シリーズ

Shield box: P-618

Shield box for LP-05 and P-616 electrodes. It ensures complete shielding and measurement of external induced voltage.

Introduction of examples of use

1. Outline of EPA-8300 system
2. Example of combined use of universal electrometer, MMAII-17B, and respective electrodes
3. Sheet measuring electrode P-616 Example of measurement of volume resistance and surface resistance of film
4. Ultra-compact conductive contact pin P-623 Example of measurement of micro-volume resistance and micro-surface resistance
5. Powder measuring electrode P-602 Example of measurement of charged quantity of small pieces
6. Induction electrode SP-04 Example of measurement of surface potential of specimen
7. High-precision surface potential meter S2002A Example of measurement of the surface potential of electret microphone board