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  Electrostatic Paper Analyzer: EPA8300A
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Measuring Instruments


Outline of EPA-8300 system

This system charges photoreceptors and other sheet specimens and measures the charging and decay characteristics.

Dynamic method
The turntable is rotated at 1100 rpm for alternating charging and measurement. Therefore, the progress of initial potential of charge can be measured.
Static method
After a specimen is made to pass at a certain speed over a charger, it is stopped above electrodes to measure the decay characteristic of charge. Therefore, exact half life can be measured.
Specimen Photoconductor, film, paper, fiber, and plastic
Test dimensions ・ 62 mm x 52 mm rectangular
・Opening of specimen:?44 and φ20 mm (A small specimen mask used)
・Thickness: 1 mm or less
Developed products Photoconductor drum, processed paper, antistatic fiber, antistatic material, PDP (plasma display), and coating agent
Applied products Color electrostatic copier, laser printer, bloc copy for printing (aluminum plate), copy paper, clean clothes for clean room, stockings, antistatic sheet, and antistatic agen
Use Research-and-development and quality control