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Protectors for Power Supply


Protector for AC Power Supply: ACK03

"ISO9001 and NQAS approved"

The unit protects the AC power supply from impact overvoltage (surge) due to indirect lightning stroke and continuous overcurrent. The unit is ideal for the protection of electronic equipment such as various personal computer terminals, facsimile equipment, and multi-functional telephone sets, as well as measuring instruments and other electronic equipment, that use an AC power supply.


The model of ACK for 100 V is shown in the table below.
Model Current capacity Number of receptacles Size(WxDxH)
ACK03 10A 2 unit 92x48x165mm

Standard price: 12,000 yen

Protector for AC Power Supply: ACK03 Dimensional unit (mm)


  1. The protector is compact and light, and its installation is easy.
  2. A quick-response element is used to cope with a lightning surge or other abnormal voltage.
  3. The protector element of ACK has sufficient functions, durability, and self-restoring performance.
  4. A fuse is incorporated to prevent overcurrent. When it is blown, replace it with a commercial tube fuse (with the rated current).


Connect a grounding wire to the grounding terminal (E) of ACK. (Be sure to ground the E terminal.) Grounding resistance: E terminal (10Ω or less)