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Stylus Type Jumper Circuit Tester (Contact JAWS II)

JAWS: Jumper wire Attachment With a Stairs

Suitable for the maintenance of a copy machine wiring, etc.

"ISO9001, ISO14000, and NQAS approved"

This tool is used for connection with the internal conductor from above the sheath in the middle of wiring material by means of a very fine needle.
It is applicable to a conductor of Φ0.26 - Φ0.9 mm in diameter simply through a sheath.


  1. It holds the wire completely, ensuring stable continuity.
  2. The connecting action is in two steps so that the needle will not be bent during attachment/detachment.
  3. The needle is covered with a case to prevent contact with other terminals.
Stylus Type Jumper Circuit Tester (Contact JAWS II)


  1. Single use: Communication line test, core wire control, circuit switching, call monitoring, and other communications equipment tests
  2. Built-in use: Line test
  3. Used as a tool for to repair AV products, as well as to inspect measuring instruments and precision products
  4. Inspection and repair tool for car products
    * This is used for temporary circuit connection for tests, adjustment, and maintenance.


Item Standard
Standard applicable wire PE insulated soft copper single conductor wire for communication cables
Sheath dia.: Φ0.56-1.4 mm; conductor dia.: Φ0.26-0.9 mm
Rating 48 VDC, 0.2 A
Withstand voltage 500 VDC, 1 minute
Dimensions 68 mm in length and 13 mm in diameter


Stylus type jumper circuit tester: 30 cm lead wire with a clip
Lead wire: Black

Standard price

3,000yen/unit (minimum order lot: 5units)