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Test Springs


No.200 U Test Spring

"ISO9001 and NQAS approved"

This is a test spring/terminal block to be mounted on the MDF for starting subscriber cables. In place of the conventional soldered wrapping terminal, the unit has adopted a U-slit, which does not need sheath removal, in order to improve the efficiency of construction and maintenance work.


  1. In place of the conventional soldered wrapping terminal, this test spring/terminal block is equipped with a U-slit, which does not need sheath removal, in order to reduce jumper installation work hours substantially. A PAT connector adopted for the subscriber cable termination side greatly simplifies connection work. Safety has also been improved.
  2. The hits prevention measures have been taken for contacts to improve reliability.
  3. Jumpers are passed through an individual wire passing hole to facilitate cable laying, confirmation, and removal.
  4. The multiple connection method, which permits connection of a maximum of two jumpers per circuit, is adopted for the jumper side (exchange office side). However, two jumpers cannot be connected to one terminal.


No.200 U Test Spring


  • The unit is composed of 10 submodules in different colors that have 10 circuit each, housing 100 circuits in total.
  • The mounting pitch (167.35 mm) is the same as that of the conventional test spring, and the unit can be mounted as it is on the MDF, etc.
  • Applicable cable: Single cable of 0.4-0.5 mm in diameter
  • The jumper side of the No.200 test spring is a U-slit multiple terminal and the cable side is a PAT connector.
  • The No.200 U test spring can be attached/detached for each submodule during wire connection.